E-mail: info@digidata.cz
Phone: +420 776 600 121

What we can digitize?

VHS tapes

VHS and (S)VHS tapes recorded in format SP, LP and EP

Camcorder tapes VHS-C

Camcorder tapes VHS-C and (S)VHS-C

Camcorder tapes Hi8

Camcorder tapes Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 (D8)

Camcorder tapes miniDV

Camcorder tapes miniDV with or without chip

Celluloid film strips

Celluloid films 8mm (Normal and Super), 9.5mm or 16mm (silent or sound)

Audio cassettes

Audio cassettes and micro cassettes from dictaphones and answering machines

Audio tapes

Audio tapes (reels) in format 6,35 mm with 1 to 4 track recording, mono and stereo sound

Vinyl records

Vinyl records SP, LP and shellac, speed 33, 45 and 78 turns

Negatives and slides

Negatives and slides 35mm, other formats on request (photos, polaroids etc.)


Stereoscopes for Meopta and ViewMaster


We will also save records from other media such as 3.5 and 51/4 inch floppy disks, ZIP and JAZZ floppy disks, HDD hard drives, camera memory cards, mini disks, etc.

„We keep memories alive.”