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Digitization of audio and video recordings

Tapes (S)VHS and (S)VHS-C, tapes miniDV and Digital8, tapes Hi a Video8, films 8 mm a 16 mm (celluloid)


The video recordings from the analogue cassettes are recorded via the Canopus ADVC 300 digital converter to a computer for possible record cleaning and editing. By default, the recording is saved in the resulting DVD-video format (VOB files) for playback on a DVD player. In case of your interest we will also save the recording in MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 format for playback on computer and mobile devices or in AVI format for further editing.

  • DVD (VOB) = max. 70 minut
  • DVD (AVI) = max. 20 minut
  • DVD (AVI) = max. 70 minut
Novinka: Na standardní Blu-ray disk o kapacitě 25 GB bám uložíme až 120 minut záznamu v HD rozlišení z digitálních kamer (HDD, paměťových karet).

Digitization of 8mm and 16mm (celluloid) films in Normal and Super format is performed on a professional RetroScan Universal Mark-II device from MovieStuff, which is also used by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.

Approx. length of 8mm film (celluloid) reels:
  • diameter 7,5 cm = approx. 3 minutes
  • diameter 13 cm = approx. 15 minutes
  • diameter 18 cm = approx. 30 minutes
  • film length 60 m = approx. 15 minutes

Audio cassettes and tapes, vinyl records SP a LP, shellac records


All audio recordings are digitally processed and basic cleaning of recordings is already included. By default, the recording is saved in the resulting audioCD or MP3 format for playback on CD players and mobile devices. If you are interested we will save the record in a different format. For dirty vinyl records, we use a pressure air scrubber to remove dust and dirt from the entire surface and grooves.

  • audioCD = max. 80 minutes
  • CD in MP3 format = max. 700 minutes

Photos (max. A4), negatives 35 mm, slides 35 mm, other photo formats


We scan negatives or slides in JPEG format at 2400 DPI or 4000 DPI. Possibility to use ICE 4 correction to remove dust and scratches (ICE correction works only for color negatives and slides), photos in 300 DPI resolution. To achieve the highest possible slide scanning quality, we recommend that the slides are delivered in frames without glass panes.

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